House Healing for you and your house

 Do you feel at home in your house, or are BAD VIBES and negative energies making you feel worse?


Years experience in Energy Work

Practical & effective

Geomancy, house healing & space clearing.



Happy Holon House Healing

You don't feel at home in your house. It makes you feel bad and you suspect it needs healing.

You'd like to find out more about house healing, space clearing, geomancy and everything that involves getting rid of bad vibes and negative energies,  and creating sacred space in your own home.

I can help you with all of that.

But first: start to make clear what the quality of energy is in your own house and find out if you need to take action for your own well being.

Create your own Personal Power Place with Nicky Koopmans


Unique online program

Personal Power Place



House visits & Online sessions

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