3 huge misunderstandings about dowsing

3 huge misunderstandings about dowsing

Dowsing rods and pendulums

There are many question marks and prejudices around these instruments. Particularly pendulums have a pretty negative image. 

Pendulums are often associated with witchcraft and for many people witchcraft still has a bit of a nasty aftertaste. Always be aware of that, when you're a dowser. 

The dowsing rod has a slightly better image. It seems generally known, that the dowsing rod was (and still is!) used to find water and other raw materials in the earth like ore or oil. People accept this kind of dowsing as useful.

Not everybody seems to realise, that a pendulum and dowsing rods basically 'do' the same thing. 

A useful tool for geomancers

Pendulum and dowsing rods are part of standard equipment for a geomancer. I use them for example to find specific earth energies or to clarify with what kind of phenomenon I'm dealing with. 

When working outside I find it often easier to work with a dowsing rod, than a pendulum, for the simple reason that rods are less influenced by wind. Also I find rods an easier tools for determining directions.

For more detailed work, like working on a map for example (~map dowsing), I like a pendulum far better.

There's a wide variety of dowsing rods and pendulums available. There even exist variations that look like the product of a cross pollination between the two. What kind of dowsing tool you'd like to work with, will depend on a combination of practical and personal preference.

How to work exactly with a pendulum or dowsing rod might be a nice topic for a next blog. For now I would like to tell you about three huge misunderstandings about dowsing and dowsing tools.

I come across them a lot, especially in 'spiritual' social media groups and I'd like to clear them up and explain why. 

Here they come:

Misunderstanding 1: The pendulum gives the answer

The times I have heard or read someone saying: the pendulum says... or the dowsing rod indicates...

A pendulum or dowsing rod doesn't answer. Just as a guitar doesn't make music and a hammer doesn't hammer. A pendulum or dowsing rod is a tool.

The one who 'operates' this tool is the one who's giving the answers.

A pendulum or dowsing rod acts as an extension of one's own body, so that an answer can be easily and clearly made visible. Think of it as a kind of antenna.

Misunderstanding 2 - Dowsing is a form of healing

Dowsing is not healing. Dowsing is a way to get answers to questions. Especially useful for questions that cannot be answered rationally.

The clearer the question is, the clearer the answer will be. So focus on asking the right question when you are dowsing. 'Right' questions are often long and very specific.

Healing is a process that has to do with becoming 'whole'. Dowsing can be a useful skill to have when you practise forms of healing.

Misunderstanding 3- You can only dowse if you have a special gift

Dowsing is a skill. Skills you can learn and train. So anyone can learn how to dowse. Just like anyone can learn how to draw or sing.

You don't have to be gifted to be able to dowse. You only have to be open to the idea, that it is possible to receive answers without intervention of the rational mind.  And be willing improve that skill by practising and training.

And yes, as with any skill, some people will be better at it than others.

Now I'd like to hear from you: do you dowse? Would you like to learn how to dowse or ask the 'right questions' when you're dowsing? Let me know in the commentbox.

Maria Vitalis

Maria Vitalis

on 27 Aug 2021

I would like to learn more about dowsing. I sometimes use the pendulum. I know I could do more with it but don't really know when to use it.

Nicky Koopmans

Nicky Koopmans

on 29 Aug 2021

That could be a nice topic maybe for a next blog. And maybe I should create a pendulum training? What do you think?

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