5 practical tips to create space in the house

5 practical tips to create space in the house

The number one reason to create space

Do you also enjoy looking at those huge houses of the 'rich and famous' in magazines, on the internet or tv? Have you ever noticed anything special about those houses? Well..., what I notice most, is the abundance of space available. 

You never see these houses filled to the brim with stuff. That would probably not only look a lot less appealing, It might also indicate that we do not experience a lot of joy from seeing stuff. If we did, you would see a lot more pictures with houses full of stuff.

Having too much stuff stagnates the energy, and that stagnates us. When you stagnate, you cannot grow, move, or change and you'll die. Big enough reason to start creating some extra space in your life , if you'd ask me. (Well okay, you'll probably won't die literally, but you will feel stuck and at a stand still in at least in one area of your life. And isn't life is all about growing, evolving and moving forward?!)

So do yourself a favour and give yourself room to flow, grow and evolve. Start with creating space in your house.

Having space ensures that there's room for letting in a lot of new and fresh energy. With this fresh energy you can create more, discover more and receive more.

Creating space gives you room for more flow and abundance. Create a vacuum, and it will attract more energy. So a very important, if not thé most important remedy for creating a good flow in the house is: create space.

This doesn't automatically mean that you'll have to move to a bigger house. It's fairly easy to create more space in your current home. Also when you live in a tiny apartment.

I'll give you five practical tips:

Tidy up

And by tidying up, I don't mean moving your mess from A to B. This might bring some order to the chaos, but you're not creating any extra space with that.

You create space by getting rid of stuff. These things you can get rid of right away:

  • All things that are out of date. (Food, make up, medicines, fire exinguishers, newspapers, to name a few.)
  • All things you have double or more. (You really don't rneed 27 towels and 15 pairs of scissors.)
  • All things that are broken. (Get it repaired or throw it out.)
  • All things that are not yours. (What have you borrowed?)

Natural light

Windows provide natural light. The more light, the greater the sense of space.

So open those curtains and keep windowsills free of tall plants or vases that block the light.

This is of course especially important with smaller windows.

In the evening you can create a feeling of space with artificial light. Make sure that you don't use lamps so big, that they start to dominate the room. This makes the room feel small and oppressive. Get advice from a home stylist, when you're unsure.

Open doors

Unobstructed views give a sense of space.

Leave doors open when a room feels small.

Is the space too small to open the door, or is a cupboard of chair standing in the way to be able to do this? Then it might pay off to just get rid of the door altogether. Or to replace it with a sliding or folding door.

Hang a mirror in a strategic place

A mirror reflects. This optically enlarges the the room. It also reflects the light. This gives you a feeling of wideness and space.

Make sure that the image that is reflected uplifts you and is also well lit. This way you ensure a stronger effect.

Be careful with large mirrors in bedrooms. This creates restlessness for most people, with the danger of resulting this in insomnia and stress.

Replace your coffee table

Do you have a large coffee table in front of your sofa? Then replace it with one or two small side tables. One that only your glass can stand on. See what having this extra space does for you.

The effect

I'm curious. What tip will you try out? What effect has this on you?

Are you opening up to the possibilities it can offer you and will you welcome the powerful energy that arises with creating more space? Or do you tend to block the energy flow by filling the extra space with stuff as quickly as possible? Let us know in the comment box below.

And when you have an extra tip to create more space in the house, please post that in the comment box too. Thanks!

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