7 things you need to know about entities

7 things you need to know about entities

What are entities?

An entity is something that has existence. Most entities have a very specific definition: companies, persons, ideas, databases and borders are all examples of entities.

We use the word 'entity' also for energies and energy forms that exist. And we do not always have clear definitions for forms of energy. Perhaps the clearest way of describing it is that it is an energy that can be perceived.

When we talk about entities in geomancy and esotherics, we usually mean a kind of non-physical energy form with a consciousnesssuch as ghosts, nature spirits, angels and beings from other worlds or even dimensions.

When you become aware of an entity, you often already sense with what kind of being you're dealing with. And if this ignites a fear in you, then it is good to know this about entities.

#1 – Entities don't harm you on purpose

Just like wasps, rats, scorpions or snakes don't want to harm you on purpose, when they suddenly appear in your environment, neither do entities.

Entities are mainly concerned with their own survival. Just like you and me are. Just like animals are.

Sometimes we interpret entities to be evil, because they come across as very aggressive, but they may have been trying to find a way out for many, many years!

#2 – Entities are around you, always and everywhere

Entities are not only in haunted houses in England or deep in the woods of Finland. Entities are certainly not rare and they are literally everywhere!

You'll never need to worry about 'positive' entities, and it is smart to watch out for entities that can potentially have a negative effect on you. These entities are also everywhere.

These (so called) negative entities are often found in increased concentrations at places where negativity, death, pain and anger is, or was, present.

So so pay some extra attention to your personal energy when you visit places like hospitals, battlefields, prisons and cemeteries.

#3 – Entities can cause physical and mental symptoms

Physical complaints and changes in behaviour or personality can be (partly) related to 'entity attachment'.

For example: taking over someone else's pain can be understood as an attachment of entities.

And when you don't do anything with that energy to transform or release it, it could have consequences for your own well being.

#4 – Entities are not the problem, you are

When you are happy, stress-free and in harmony with yourself, the chances are very little that you will suffer from entity attachments.

So if you experience a lot of difficulties with entities, you need to take a good and critical look at your own energy. Ask yourself: what is it inside of me, that resonates with the entities that I'm having troubles with?

When you've found that answer, you'll have the key to resolve the problems you experience with entities permanently.

#5 – Entities have a different sense of space-time than we do

Entities live in their own world. Often they cannot even (consciously) perceive us. When you'd like to connect with an entity, you'll have to adjust your consciousness and communication to its sense of space-time.

#6 – Judging can be dangerous when dealing with entities

Since entities (usually) don't harm you on purpose, it's wrong to see entities as the 'bad guy'.

Seeing them as the bad guy, implies that you are the good guy. This creates struggle.

No one ever sees themselves as the bad guy, so this dualistic attitude will only bring you more conflict and negativity. This can make a bad situation worse, and it will make you attractive to even more negativity.

A judgment-free and being of service, kind of attitude (how can I help?) is much more effective when you'd like to resolve issues with entities.

By extension of that: be free of fears. When you're in fear, you're not able to help. And yes, easier said than done sometimes and that's exactly why it is wise to consult a professional, when you're dealing with entity problems.

#7 – Do not send entities into 'the light'

You cannot know what the mission or assignment is for any entity other than yourself. Every entity or energy form has a free choice to fulfill that particular purpose, or not. Just like you.

So please, never send entities to 'the light'. No matter what 'the light' represents for you.

With that action, you've determined what is 'good' for that specific energy. You've been judging and deciding for another conscious being. (Read #6 one more time.)

What to do when you're bothered by entities?

I sometimes hear people claim you can remove entities by burning sage. That is not true. 

Burning sage can change the etheric structure and energy of a space, but entities will not be chased away by it.

Then what?

First you need to find out if the problem you are experiencing is yours or from someone or something else. Is it yours? Acknowledge it, act on it and start your own healing proces.

Is the problem from someone or something else? Then observe, and have no judgment about it (see point #6). Experience what this problem does to you. Then consciously communicate about this with the relevant entity to come to an understanding and solution.

When appropriate: invite the relevant entity to go to their right and perfect place, in the right and perfect way.

About communication and conversation with entities

  • Not communicating is impossible. You are connected to everything. Always. all of the time. That alone is already a form of communication.
  • When you start a conversation, connect in a feeling of service. Read #6 one more time.
  • And when done, end the conversation in a clear way. Just like you would do in regular conversations with people.
  • Conversation with entities usually doesn't take place with words like we humans do. Conversation can go really slow, or in a flash of a moment. Often the information received, takes shape in images, senses, thought, feelings and/or emotions. So be aware of any signs you're body might give you, when you connect with entities. Communicate back in a similar way you're receiving the information.
  • Always be mindful of your own capacities and boundaries.

When unsure, ask for help

And if you're scared, or uncomfortable to connect with entities, or you have no idea how to do that, seek a professional to assist you. To prevent making things worse. There is always is a degree of 'gotta know what you're doing' involved. 

And please make sure that professional is working together with you in that connection, and not only doing it for you. Problems with entities is about your relationships with entities. So it is your responsibility. and about your response-ability to those problems. 

No one else can 'do' a relationship for you. Make sure you're guided and involved in the whole proces that is needed to resolve the issues at hand.

Let me know in the comments: Which of these points was the biggest eye-opener for you? Or which ones not? Share your insights on entities below.

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