Does your House need Healing?

Something feels really wrong in your house, but you just can't put your finger on it. And you wonder: How bad is it? Do I need to worry? Take action?

Download the House Healing Checklist to know if there are any negative energies in your house.

  • Find out if you need to start space clearing
  • Check the symptoms
  • Find out your score
  • Diagnose the status quo of the energy in your house
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You know it, when something feels wrong in your house, you don't need me to tell you that. 

You know, when you don't feel safe, comfortable or at home. Maybe you're even scared of some places in the house. Or your kids are... 

I think everyone should feel at home in their own house. That is the least.

Space clearing could help out temporarily, but it's even better when you transform your house into a Personal Power Place. Only thát will create a durable, long term, positive ripple effect for everyone living in it. And for the whole neighbourhood!

Already more than 25 years I study the energies in our environment. I've taught hundreds of people how to start space clearing bad vibes and negative energies in their own homes, and have helped dozens of home owners and tenants with turning their house into a Personal Power Place

I understand how you might hesitate to talk about bad vibes, scary experiences and weird negative ambiances with other people. Especialy when it's about your own place. They might say you're crazy or imagining things. And that's exactly why I created the House Healing Checklist

25+ years

Experience in geomancy, house healing & space clearing

Down to earth

Easy checklist


Simple & practical

Ready to find out?

Download this free House healing Checklist and within 5 minutes you'll know exactly what the status quo of the energy in your own house is.

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