"When your house doesn't feel like like home and you have no idea what to do about it."

  • Your house doesn't feel like home.
  • You sleep badly and are always tired.
  • You're scared. There are places in the house that you avoid, or that feel cold, weird, or scary.
  • You feel restless, listless or miserable at home. You flee the house to not have to be there. When you stay somewhere else, you feel much more energetic and alive.
  • Or you feel trapped and can hardly leave the house.
  • You feel watched when no one is there.
  • Things keep going wrong and a lot of accidents happen.
  • You can't sell your house, or you can't find a suitable new home.

Download the Happy Holon House Healing Checklist to find out the status quo of energies in your house.

Nicky Koopmans

Did you choose the house, or did the house choose you?

Psychologists say that moving is very high on the list of stressful events in a person's life. This is because moving house shakes up your whole framework of life that 'being home' represents. This means chaos in every aspect of your life.

When you'd like to find out what energetically is going on in the chaos you call call home, than a first indication is the answer to the question: Did you choose the house, or did the house choose you?

Every event, everything that is thought, said and done in a place, leaves behind so called energy trails or traces.

These residual energies from previous residents and events have profound effects on your life. These energies are the reason behind why you live, where you live.

When you have established that something weird, crazy or uneasy is going on in your house, ánd you know that this uneasiness is not there, because 'your sofa is not in the right colour', then energy residues are affecting your personal and professional life. The danger of this is that, without realising it, you are living someone else's life instead of your own.

Not only the house seems to have peace, but my mind too.

Indra, The Netherlands

I found it very enlightening and it clears up at the same time, both in your head and during the clearing of your house.

Martha, The Netherlands

Consultation process


In a Happy Holon House Consultation we'll work together to find the core of the energy issues in your home. We'll explore the soul connections between you and your house. What resonances and analogies are there? What soul contract have you concluded with it? Only when you have insight into these connections, it is possible to create a new and lasting harmonious energy in the house.

You will use these insights and the tools I teach to manage the energies for the rest of your life and in every future house you'll live.

I will remind you of your very intimate relationship with all the energies in your house and every energy around you. Your house is a place filled with wisdom and potential. And I'll help you to reconnect with that and will give you the right tools to maintain this relationship in a healthy way. This is the key to a better life.

We will set up the energy to support you and your family. Your house will transform into a home, a peaceful oasis and a place full of inspiration & infinite possibilities.

Issues I can help you with:

  • You don't feel at home. Something's wrong and just feels 'off'.
  • You feel afraid, scared or anxious to be in certain areas of the house.
  • You do not sleep well and wake up tired.
  • Ghosts, entities and other energy beings.
  • You're house is up for sale, but won't sell.
  • You'd like to move but can't find the right new place.
  • Problematic renovation projects.
  • Design choices in construction and renovation.
  • You don't feel at home after a renovation project.
  • Many things go wrong in your life after a move or renovation.
  • You want a qualitative improvement of the atmosphere in the house.
  • Space clearing, house healing and space alignment.

What others say about me:

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Nicky brings a deep level of quality and presence to her work
I highly recommend Nicky Koopmans to professionally work with you. Nicky brings a deep level of quality and presence to her work that comes from her own journey with years of experience in understanding energy. Nicky teaches and empowers others to participate in their own process so they can grow in their awareness and heal. Nicky works in such a very grounded, practical way that is so caring and supportive to her clients.
Joanne Morgan
A house healing consultation should be standard
My vision is: it should be standard in your house, such a house healing consultation.

I am very sensitive to atmosphere in the room. It can make me really happy, or it can make me want to run away. It's also my job as an interior designer and when I think about it like that, it's really weird that the energy of a space isn't included in design yet.

I thought, I already did include energy work in my designs, but noticed during the consultation that there are many more layers that determine the atmosphere; such as the history of the place, where walls stood, and old walking routes. And also energy from previous residents and things that have been left behind. Very, very interesting. (…)

The way Nicky translates what she feels, is very clear and open. It gives 'peace in the place'.

Kariene van Steenoven
Worth every moment
“…Nicky Koopmans was extremely professional and clear about the work as it progressed during the twelve months she worked on that particular job. I learned a great deal as the work went on and have been hugely grateful to have had Ms. Koopmans as a consultant. …The advice and knowledge garnered from working with Ms. Koopmans has been invaluable and still remains pertinent today. Apart from being rigorously clever she is also a very nice person to have on site; immediately putting staff at ease with the whole project which in turn made it possible to implement changes smoothly. Worth every moment.”  
Clare Higson

Way of working

Happy Holon House Consultations are always personal and tailor-made. I am happy to schedule a personal intake meeting with you over Zoom, when you think I can assist. In this meeting we'll discuss the energy issues you experience, related factors and your consultation needs. After this intake you will receive a personal consultation proposal for your situation via email.

This proposal can be one or more location visits, online sessions, trainings, or a combination of these, all depending on what suits your personal situation best.


I will never give a quote without an intake first, because all situations and the factors involved are different.

Family composition, type of house(s)/business, plot sizes etc. etc. and your consultation needs, need to be taken into consideration. 

Yet, people often ask me for an indication before they want to consider an intake. So here's an indication: the starting rate for working with me in a Happy Holon House Consultation is 750 euros.


Do you think I can contribute to your situation and be of assistance? Then send me an email message with what's going on in your house and ask me for an intake meeting to have a chat about it.

Send your email to connect@happyholon.com or connect with me  via the button below.

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