How a name sign at the front door can help you in your life

How a name sign at the front door can help you in your life

How to make your house feel yours

Someone asked me what she could do to make her apartment her 'own'.

The house felt 'wrong'. 

She felt invaded, when she was inside the apartment. But especially when she was entering and leaving the house. 

She experienced a lot of energy coming into the house from the next door neighbours.

I asked the woman to send me a picture, and I saw that the front door of the apartment (so inside of the main building) was at a 90 degrees angle, right next to the one of the neighbour's. 

The only room between the doors was the size of the doorframes.

So you can imagine that energies might radiate well over territorial boundaries. Just like aura's mix when people are sitting close to each other. And yes, that can feel very uncomfortable.

Name signs

I told her to put a name sign on the door. This is a way to claim and express boundaries. And the name sign was 'missing'. 

A week or so later, I received a message that the name sign had been installed. And a number of things that had been stuck for years, were now set in motion. 

These 'things' all had to do with the themes boundaries and identity, which are, in a way, one and the same. 

By putting her name on the front door, she instigated a transformation. The house was showing her exactly where she could progress in her life. And by taking inspired action, she got results.

Not only she cleared issues she had with boundaries, but also she felt more at home than she had in a very long time! On top of that, going in and out of the house was way easier and the feeling of being invaded had disappeared. Quite a result, I'd say.

Changing realities

You might think, it's enough to put your name sign downstairs in the apartment building. The mailman delivers the mail there in your mailbox, and that's the main thing, right?! 


I realise in some areas it might be somewhat unusual to put name signs on inside front doors, but placing details such as a name sign, can be very effective. (Not only for finding apartments!)

Even kids do it! You must have seen that a number times. And when they can't write yet, they'll put a drawing on the door to their bedroom. 

When a name sign is placed with insight, intention and the right energy, you'll release energies, that'll assist you seeing things in a new perspective. This allows you to put things in a fresh order, if you choose to do so..

So what looks like a small action, can actually change your whole reality. 

How that exactly works out and manifests for you, is of course always a personal experience. 


When you experience issues with setting boundaries in some way: put your name on the front door and be open to what it can change for you.

And if you already got a name sign on the door: maybe now is the right time to treat yourself to a new one. 

So let me know in the comments, do you have a name sign on your front door? Why, or why not?

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on 17 Aug 2021

HI sorry, What is a name sign? Do you mean a number, or giving the house a name, or putting my name? Thanks

Nicky Koopmans

Nicky Koopmans

on 18 Aug 2021

With name sign I mean put your own name on a sign and attach that to the house on a place where one can easily spot it. Of course it is also a very good idea to put a number sign clearly visible. Some houses were given a name too, or people give their house a name, just like they can do that with cars, but this is not the name sign I'm talking about in this post. Here it is all about your own name and expressing taking on responsibility for the place you live at.

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