Not at home in your own house?

Learn all you need to know about House Healing


BAD VIBES in your house

You'll know it, when something feels wrong in your house. You really don't need me, to tell you that. You're already aware that this issue has nothing to do with the colour of your couch.

You know, when you don't sleep well or your kids are scared to go to bed.

You know, when you relax better somewhere else than at home.

You know, when you pick up all kinds of negative energies. 

Your house doesn't feel like home, and you have no idea what to do about it.

My name is Nicky Koopmans and already more than 25 years I study the energies in our environment. I've taught hundreds of people how to space clear their own house. I learned that this brings some relief, but isn't a long term solution. More energy work is needed, if you want real results and I've got just the thing for you. And you don't need any prior experience in energy work for that.

You don't have to know anything about energy work at all. From everything I've learnt, I'll give you only the most effective tools get rid of bad vibes.

Easy does it

I like to keep those tools simple, down-to-earth and practical, so that you really get to work and turn your house into a Personal Power Place. Long term! No need to worry, I'll take you through the whole proces step by step.

After this program, your house will be the oasis you so desire. It will be your biggest cheerleader and a sacred space to recharge for you and the rest of the family.


Miriam Creusen

The Netherlands

Don't hesitate, just do it!

"Great to see what my intention was and what I was able to achieve in 3 months. Frankly, I'm really amazed about it!

The word you use, Nicky, are so wonderfully factual, and some of the things I knew, I now understand even better. Even about the "woo-woo" topics. That really appeals to me!

Fantastic lessons in modules 6 to 9! A lot of fun with feelings, smells, music and I was curious about the exercise of the day, every day.

The link between energy work, personal development and awareness of your home are unique! Thank you for so much information on such a wide range!

And for people who are considering doing Personal Power Place: don't hesitate, just do it! Not only your house, but especially you yourself will become more powerful, so that you are literally at home in yourself!"

Do you want to create your own Personal Power Place?


Holistic approach

There's more to learn about house healing than just Space Clearing alone, when you'd like to create your own Personal Power Place. 


Step by step program

You can enter without any prior knowledge. Experienced energy workers will deepen their knowledge.

Do it together

You don't have to do this all on your own. You can join the community and find like minded people for support and sharing experiences.

You need to know you can change this!

  1. Feeling stressed and uneasy in your own house.
  2. Not feeling like yourself at home.
  3. Always waking up tired, when you sleep in your own bed.
  4. Feeling watched, even when no one is in the room.
  5. Avoiding spaces and places in your house because they feel scary or weird.
  6. Feeling fear, anxiety, depressed, nervous or tired because of energy clutter in your house.
  7. Taking over negative feelings, emotions or habits in your body and life, because there are energy residues hanging around.

After completing the Personal Power Place program:

  • You'll know what it takes to create a Personal Power Place.
  • You'll have turned your house into an oasis, filled with good vibes. For yourself and your fellow residents.
  • You've learned how to read, perceive and interpret energy.
  • You'll feel more relaxed.
  • You'll have a tailor-made plan to manage the energies in your house.

  • You'll have insight into your personal blockages and obstacles.

  • You'll have released unnecessary clutter, emotions, patterns and programs.

  • You'll know how to handle unwanted and negative energies in the house.

  • You'll understand the symbolism of the different spaces and places in your house.

  • You'll have manifested (more) flow, focus and energy on the things that are important to you.

  • You'll see your house as an ally and support system (instead of something that hinders you).

My wish for you

In this program I'll help you to turn your house into a Personal Power Place. I'll also help you with the energy 'design and management' of your home.

No, I'm not going to try to convince you that this is possible.

Or that you can do this.

I know it's possible.

And I know you can do it!

It is up to you to take action, experience and implement what you have learned.

I will fully support you in this.

What I wish for you wholeheartedly, is that you enjoy your house. That you feel at home.

And that it is a place, where you can relax and recharge.

I want your home to be an ally in all your missions. By that, I mean, that your house supports you in everything you do and want to do. In my online program Personal Power Place I will show you exactly how to do that. And it doesn't matter whether your house is a small apartment or a huge villa.

This training is right for you when:

you want to free your living environment from stagnant energies.
you are willing to take responsibility for your own life, energy and space.
you are ready to do personal work.
you get excited about having a house, free from everything that consumes energy.
you like to be with passionate people who want to help and support each other.

This program has 11 modules


module 1 

Status Quo


module 2

You and Your Space

module 3

Keeping it Real


module 4

Spectaculair Space Clearing

module 5

Basics and Boosters

module 6



module 7

Sensing Energy


module 8

Hocus Pocus Focus


module 9



module 10

Geopathic Stress and Other Blockages

module 11

Staying in Line


Step by step!

This program covers a huge range of subjects. It needs to, because House Healing involves a lot. But don't worry, I'll take you through it all step by step. No need to feel overwhelmed!

Every week I'll release a new module for you. Every module contains a series of lessons you need to do that week. I advise you to do one lesson a day. Complete them in the right order, because each lesson and every module builds on the previous one. It's simply the easiest way to accomplish the transformation you'd like to see.

We became happier, more content and our daughter slept better.



The Netherlands

A special program. RECOMMENDED!


Manon Spaan,

The Netherlands

That was exactly what I needed!
Goedele, Belgium



I have no knowledge of energy stuff. Can I still participate?

Yes, you can. I'll show you step by step how to work together with your house. I'll teach you to understand the symbolism of your home and give you effective tools to learn how to perceive energy.

How much time do I need to follow this program?

Every module has a series of lessons. I advise you to do one lesson a day and reserve time for that in your agenda.

Going through the material of each separate lesson will take you about 10 minutes. How long it takes you to complete the assignments, or to implement what you have learned, is ultimately up to you, but when you reserve half an hour a day, it should go a long way.

I designed the training in such a way that you will not be overwhelmed. The division between knowledge and doing assignments has a nice balance.

What if I have no idea what my intentions are for my life, or what I want to get out of this program?

The tools, knowledge and exercises that I offer you in this program will help you to clarify your mission, goals and intentions in your life. However, I cannot guarantee this. After all, something like that is a personal revelation.

This training will help you in the direction of more flow, focus, and energy, I can promise you that. Flow, focus, and energy will definitely put you on track of finding your personal mission.

Is this a 'spiri-wiri-woo-woo' program?

I can honestly say that it is not.

I will introduce you to an energetic view of the world in a simple, practical and matter of fact way. It may happen that you'll have experiences that could be described as spiritual or airy-fairy.

nicky koopmans
€ 697,-

Personal Power Place 

  • Your own login to my online learning platform, the Happy Holon Huddle.
  • Start immediately with the first module.
  • Every week a new module, 11 modules in total.
  • Step-by-step lessons to take you through the transformation process.

Katja Jorissen


Clear and to the point!

This program is highly recommended to anyone who wants to start with, or learn more about energy work. It is both a starter guide and a reference work that stimulate your hunger for more and at the same time satisfies you, because the topic is so wide, clear and to the point.

This training will help you become more at home in your house and in yourself. All the transformations that you'll experience when you go this journey with Nicky, will lead you to a lighter life.


Your success is my success!

The knowledge, experience and insights you'll gain with this program, you'll use for the rest of your life and in any home. So you can work with it where you live now, as well as in any house where you will live in the future. You will find out that other areas of your life will also be touched and transformed when you start working with your house.

I want the best for everyone who deals with my material, and I take that very seriously. From everything I learned about house healing and energy work in the last 25 years, you will receive in this program the most effective tools in a simple and easy to follow, step-by-step proces. If you implement everything I teach you, you'll be amazed by the results you'll create.

Nicky Koopmans

30 day money back guarantee!

 Not happy? Let me know within 30 days and you will get your money back.

€ 697,-

Personal Power Place

    • Your own login to my online learning platform, the Happy Holon Huddle
    • Start immediately with the first module.
    • Every week a new module, 11 modules in total.
    • Step-by-step lessons to take you through the transformation process.
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