7 simple space clearing basics to start house healing

7 simple space clearing basics to start house healing

You already use simple space clearing every day

Space clearing has a hint of mystery around it. As a result of that, you might think that you have to have special talents, maybe even paranormal talents, to do an energy space clearing.

Let me tell you: you don't!

Everybody I've ever met, knows about these simple space clearing techniques. And most of them, use at least one of them on a daily basis.

Warning beforehand: Make sure to read this post completely, because the last technique makes all the difference in the final results of your efforts in house healing.

Why start space clearing?

Space clearing is a way to transform stagnant energies into new and fresh ones. Energies that support you and the goals you have set, instead of sabotaging it.

When you space clear on a regular basis, you balance the material and energetic reality in such a way that body and mind can flourish.

With space clearing you erase energetic residues of previous events and emotions. This is especially important for the less pleasant and negative ones, because that causes an atmosphere that makes you feel bad. The residual energies of negative emotions and events are often described as 'heavy'. 

Anyone can (learn to) perceive these 'heavy' energies. You only have to pay very close attention to your own state of mind, and the signals from your body in order to do that.

Emotional events take place anytime, anywhere. They leave imprints and energetic trails. You can look at these as a form of dust. Dust will always find a way into your living space too. And it too requires cleaning when you don't want to be affected by it.

To clean up negative energy trails, imprints and residues, I recommend regular and simple space clearing.

Shift energy

So space Clearing is about creating a shift in energy. You can already shift and transform the energy in a room by performing some very simple basic techniques. I'm sure you already use most of them. Well... maybe not the last one.

Simple space clearing basics

#1 - Clutter clearing

  • Clean up your mess! Put everything back where it belongs.
  • Sell, throw or give away anything you no longer need. Make sure you recycle responsibly.

These two actions will create lots of space and peace of mind, so energy starts flowing freely. 

#2 - Ventilate

Let fresh air in!

Open up the windows and let the house air out. Fresh air is always good for an energy boost.

#3 - Clean

Get rid of everyday dirt with a mop, broom or vacuum cleaner. The room immediately feels a lot brighter.

#4 - Daylight

Let in the daylight! Open the curtains and shutters and let the sunlight in. This is also applies to your bedroom. A lot of people forget to open the curtains in the bedroom.

In your sleep you digest your daytime experiences and that also leaves a residue. Light refreshens this.

#5 - Music and sound

Music changes the energy super fast in a room. You only have to turn on the radio for that or to pick your favourite songs. Sounds like toning or humming with your own voice or with instruments like drums, bells or singing bowls will also help loosening up stagnated energy. And when you play a musical instrument yourself, you can use that too.

#6 - Smells

Not only the smell of fresh air has a positive effect. Smells of flowers, frankincense, or apple pie do too. Pick your favorite aroma and take care that the scent isn't predominant. And yes, of course you can look into specific scents that provide you some additional support for your objectives.

#7 - Intention

When you use space clearing basics number 1 to 6, use it with intention! With intention you'll amplify the effect of all the methods.

During your actions, imagine that all old, used, useless, negative, non-contributing energies are replaced by positive, vital, useful, contributing, and harmonic forces. Use your intention with only one space clearing basic, or with all.

Experience the difference! 

Let me know in the comments: what space clearing basic has achieved for you the most 'dramatic' shift in energy in a room?

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