Space clearing and moving house

Space clearing and moving house

What causes moving house stress?

Moving house is a very stressful event in a person's life. Without a doubt, it's in the top 10 of most stressful events in someone's life.

Important causes of this stress are:

1. Aversion to change

As a human being you are designed as a creature of habit and you thrive on a certain routine. A new place to live automatically means, getting used to new routines.

2. Fear of regret

You experience the pain of losing something as much more intense than the pleasure of winning something. 'Wouldn't it be better if I'd stay?' might be a question that's on your mind a lot.

This constant doubt releases anxiety in you.

3. Fatigue

Moving takes loads of energy. A lot has to be arranged and done. Clutter and chaos are 'the order of the day' during a relocation period. You can get pretty stressed out about that.

Major change

Moving is a huge change, and it goes much deeper than just exchanging your old living environment for a new one.

Physically, energetically and symbolically, you pick up everything that belongs to you and all facets of your life, at the same time. You're shaking this up and then place all of it in a new location.

All your stuff, and all the energies that go along with you and your stuff, will have to find their place again in the new home.

This doesn't always go without a hitch. (Download the House Healing Checklist to see what you might encounter)

Space Clearing

That is why it is a good idea, when you move into a new house, to do things that make the new house feel like home. For example: put your name by the front door and/or mailbox, paint the place and put your personal belongings in it. Maybe you even throw in a renovation or two, to make the new place meet your housing requirements.

But, if you don't clear the house of the energies left behind by its former residents, the house will never completely feel like yours to live in.

When you're sensitive to it, there's a good chance you'll start living according those energy residues, instead of your own life. I don't think you'd like the idea of that.

There always is residual energy in a place. Even when you move into a freshly built house and you are the first resident. Construction workers and their work left their energy traces and the place where the house is built, also has a past where stuff happened.

Without a good space clearing, it could take a really long time before your new house starts to feel like a home.

When to space clear

I recommend to always space clear your new place. The first blow is half the battle, so to speak. Doing a space clearing will give you insights on what's really going on in the place and what the house is trying to tell you.

There are a number of 'first moments' that are very suitable for this:

  • when the house is officially in your name
  • when you have received the key
  • before you start renovating
  • after the renovation
  • when all your stuff is moved into the house

You'll clear up a lot of stagnant old energy clutter in such a first session, but when you think that one session of burning sage will give you a feeling of home forever and ever, then I'll have to disappoint you.

Energy maintenance of your house is something you should do on a regular basis. 

Every day the house is filled with all kinds of events. This leaves  a trace in the ether of your place. And you're experiencing things every day too. At home, and when you're out and about. These energies are coming home with you.

And all these energy residues have an effect on you and your life. If you don't pay attention, it can work out in a negative way for you. That's why I suggest you space clear your place regularly. Do it daily, especially if you're just starting out. You'll strengthen your space clearing abilities and you'll get much quicker to notice when something feels 'off'.

Connection with the space you're clearing, and your intention are the most important ingredients when you're space clearing. So it is not necessary to (always) use sage, sounds and/or incense. When you like it that way, go ahead. They are very useful tools.

If you'd like to learn a very simple way to space clear your place, find a space clearing rhythm that suits you, your house and living conditions perfectly ánd you'd like to learn much more about house healing, then I'd like to invite you to join my online program Personal Power Place.

I'm curious: Do you ever space clear your house? What is the effect of this on you, and on the other people living in the house? Tell me all about it in the comments.

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