Soul contract with your house

Soul contract with your house

The house you live in

The place where you live, is never coincidental. Not even, when the circumstances, and the way how you ended up in your house, seem that way.

There always is a connection and resonance between you and the house you live in. If this connection didn't exist, you wouldn't, no, you could not live there.

This means, there is actually no 'wrong' place for you to live.

Not feeling at home

When you think, you live at the wrong place, then you are probably experiencing a problem in your house, that makes you feel not at home or out of place.

The symptoms of not being able to feel at home are very diverse, download the Bad Vibes Checklist House Healing, if you'd like to find out more about this.

Problems in your house can manifest in very different ways. For example:

  • not able to sleep
  • cold spots
  • entities
  • vortexes
  • flee the house

Moving house?

Think twice before you decide to move to get away from, or to avoid these kinds of problems. 

I'll always advise you to first resolve the soul contract with your current home. There is a reason that you live there now, and experience the symptoms that you do.

If you don't find and resolve that reason, your next house will show you a new version of the same issue(s). You'll move to a house with the same or similar conditions. Although it may take a while before you to notice it.

I once had a cliënt who moved seven(!) times to different houses, only to find the same and similar problems. She needed seven moves, before she was willing to understand that all these houses were actually showing her something that needed resolving.

You may even recognise the dynamic. Do you know someone who seems to end up with the same partner over and over, even though they are completely different persons? The same way it's possible to move to completely different houses, but still be in exactly the same 'vibe'. 

And that's not always a good thing.

The example of the seven moves, is of course an extreme exception. However, I strongly believe it's way better not to do the same, not even once. It keeps you stuck in life and prevents you from moving on. 

How is this possible? 

Your house is a mirror of your soul. It shows you the wisdom and potential you have within you.

Maybe you have to learn something from the place, or maybe you are the one, who has what it takes, to free the house from a burden.

Whatever it is, remember there is always a resonance between you and your house

Only a small part of this resonance is expressed in design, materials and interior. Some would say these are an expression of the personality of the inhabitants. 

I say the most important part of this resonance, is to be found in the energy of the place. And isn't that exactly why you fell for the house in the first place? Because it felt good…?!

Resolving the soul contract

After moving in, the relationship between you and your house unfolds. You will notice that the spaces recharge or diminish your own personal energy.

Do you find your house is draining your energy, making you feel bad or tired in some way? Then there is work to be done. Your own place should be a home, where you can rest and recharge safely.

But how is it possible, that a place that felt so good when you chose it, now (suddenly) has a negative effect? 

By becoming aware of the relationship you develop with the house, you are becoming aware of its energy in time, space and dimension. And now it becomes possible to find out what your house is trying to tell you. 

Resolve these issue(s) first, so that you are free to find and choose your next house.

This is what I mean, when I talk about resolving the soul contract with your house: it is about clearing the connection and resonance that exists between you and your home.

Understanding this soul contract allows for transformation in all aspects of life. And yes, these transformations can look like miracles.

Never underestimate the impact a house has in creating your daily reality! 

Want to get to work and learn all about the soul contract you have with your own house? Then join the Personal Power Place Program.

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